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Recycle your home waste to reduce our impact on the environment.

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About Us

Based in Rotherwick, we would like to increase the recycling that goes on in our local area: Hook, Hartley Wintney, Odiham, Sherfield and surrounding villages by giving you the opportunity to recycle many more items.

By sending waste to TerraCycle*  we avoid it ending up as litter, in a landfill or incineration facility. Instead, new materials and products will be made with our collected waste, reducing the need to extract new materials from the planet.

This avoided impact is not small; for an average product over 90% of the environmental impact comes from extracting and refining the raw materials from which it is made.

In addition to the environmental benefits we will be rewarded with cash by weight collected to donate to local good causes.

So please sort your clean and dry recyclables, bag them and pop them into one of our purple wheelie bins which you can find here:

Please download the   full list Recycling Programmes.

Please download the   short list Recycling Programmes.

Once we have 1kg of each ‘waste stream’ we can send it off to TerraCycle   and in return we will receive money to donate to local groups: currently we are supporting the 1st Bramshill Scouts, Whitewater School PTA and Rotherwick Church.

We cannot accept items which can be put into your black waste or recycling wheelie bin - such as:

  • Water filters (except aqua optima ones)
  • Batteries
  • Baby wipe packets
  • Salad/fruit bags, breakfast cereal bags, rice, pasta, pepperami/fridge raiders packets etc, any other plastic bag at all except bread bags (they can all go to Tesco Hook – there is a plastic bag recycling cage in the porch.)
  • Pet food bags & sachets (this has recently been removed sadly. now they can go with plastic bags to Tesco Hook)
  • Cat litter bags
  • Aerosols, cans or glass, cardboard/paper or egg boxes (they go in your council recycling wheelie-bin)
  • Inhalers (these can go to some pharmacies for recycling)
  • Coat hangers
  • Tin foil
  • Plastic fruit/veg punnet, meat tray or plastic tub of any sort e.g. yoghurt, icecream etc...
  • Tablet blister packs (take them in to a superdrug near you. There will be a collection box near the pharmacy counter.)
  • Tassimo & Nespresso coffee pods (this has recently been removed sadly. register with the podback sheme and send them back yourself.

*   is working towards Eliminating the Idea of Waste® by making the non-recyclable, recyclable. They do this by offering a range of free programmes that are funded by conscientious consumer brands and manufacturers, as well as purchasable programmes that are funded by eco-conscious consumers to bring circular repurposing solutions to almost all forms of waste.

Download the FreeRecycling Programmes

Recycling Programmes

This is a list of items that we accept under the various TerraCycle schemes that we have been accepted onto (VM1-11).

We receive money to donate to our chosen local charities according to the weight of each stream collected.

Items marked with an * are ones we have not been accepted onto as yet (AR12-24), but we pass them on to another local collector (Ali’s Recycling) and she receives the money for her chosen charities.

Download the Free Recycling Programmes

Organising and sorting your waste at home, before dropping into a purple bin


Find something that fits a space in the kitchen or somewhere accessible. I always put flattened waste into the bin, it makes the job easier later on.

Village Magpies


Cheese packets need a rinse out and dry before collecting together. Once dry, fold and put together into another empty wrapper.

Village Magpies

Flattened confectionery and biscuit wrappers need to be sorted separately and squeezed into similar wrapper or bread bag.

Village Magpies


Check it's clean then flatten, fold a little and pack neatly into one bag of that type (or a bread bag).

Village Magpies


Once everything is sorted into themselves or bread bags place all bags/items into a carrier. Don’t worry about knotting things just place into a purple bin near you.

Village Magpies Village Magpies